It’s such a great pleasure to have something green around. Growing Your own herbs or tomato on the balcony or in the backyard is great and fulfilling pastime which is even more rewarding once You start tasting what You grew.

The same goes for flowers, beautiful and pleasant to look at them. And at the same time they might remind You how the care You gave them every day. Making the experience all the more rewarding.

Still no matter how fond we are of our plants, sometimes they seem high maintenance. That important business trip. Traveling with friends. A slightly extended vacation? All sound great. Except, who’s gonna pet Your green friends? How it can ruin even the best vacation when upon arrival the first thing greeting us is the sight of our favorite plants, dried out, dead. You will not worry of it from now.

Healthier plants
Water use

Applying the Water Retainer® soil conditioner to the soil of Your plants reduces the soil’s evaporation and contributes to a more balanced soil humidity. Thus it can increase the drought endurance of Your plants up to double or more.