We are proud to be awarded by the Startup Award – International Participant on the Global Bio-India.

There were 30+ countries, 500+ exhibitors, 5000+ delegates and 1000+ startups. Water&Soil Ltd. was one of the 5 international startups/SME-s were invited and granted by the participation and travel cost by the organisers of the event. We know #water #scarcity is a major problem for #India. The Water Retainer can become a very good solution for reducing the water consumption of the agriculture the major consumer of water.

Global Bio-India (www.globalbioindia.org) (4th-6th December, 2023 New Delhi, India) is an international conference and exhibition on bio sciences, products, technologies.  India is among the Top-12 destinations for biotechnology in the world and 3rd largest destination for #biotechnology in Asia Pacific. The Indian Biotechnology industry was valued at $93.1 billion in 2022, with expectations of reaching $300 billion by 2030.